6 Important Golf Rules

6) Clubs
The maximum number of clubs you can carry in your bag is 14.  The penalty for carrying more than 14 clubs is a two-stroke penalty per hole with a maximum penalty of four strokes.

5) Teeing area
The teeing area is between the tee markers.  Your ball must be set between the two markers and not forward of the markers.  You may choose to tee up further behind the markers.  You are allowed no more than two club-lengths back. You can stand anywhere on the tee as long as the ball is within the teeing area.

4) Search Time
Search time has been reduced from five minutes to three since 2019.

3) Play it as it lies
You must play the ball as it lies even if you have found a bare spot or a divot.
(Unless course dictates otherwise due to course conditions)
You can only get a free drop from things like pathways, drains, other greens and areas specifically marked as Ground Under Repair.

2) Impediments and Obstructions
Things like drainage covers allow for free drops when your ball is on one, your stance is impeded by one or the line of your swing is affected.
If your ball is surrounded by loose impediments, you can move all of them (things like tree branches, twigs, leaves etc.).  The key is if you think moving one will move your ball, it cannot be moved.

1) Lost Ball
If you think you may have lost your ball off your tee shot, the first thing you should do is play a provisional.
You can’t just play another ball; you have to use the word provisional when stating that you are playing another ball.
If you don’t declare it a provisional, that ball is now in play.  You are now lying three off the tee even if you find your first ball.