The 2023 Bea Anderson Results

What a wonderful match play tournament, a great turnout and plenty of laughs!
The results after 5 nine-hole matches are:
A Flight
First place: Lorraine Pettola and Leslie Harrison (8.80)
Secon place: Sara Taylor and Judy Staknis (7.50)
B Flight
First Place: Donna Courchaine and Nathalie Landry (10.40)
Second Place: Lynn Baldoni and Carol Stoneman (10.20) Wow, so close!
Congratulations to everyone who participated, it was a wonderful time!

Our 2023 Bea Anderson Winners! From Left to Right:
Judy Staknis, Sara Taylor, Donna Courchaine, Carol Stoneman,
Lynn Baldoni, Lorraine Pettola and Leslie Harrison
Having a little fun posing 🙂
A Flight Group

B Flight Group