2021 Schedule

Note: Course Schedule is always subject to change.

* Indicates a major tournament and should be posted as a ‘T’.
** Indicates playing the SAME course as BMGA.
Apr. 1 Begin GHIN Posting
Oct. 14 Last day Ringer Book Posting
Nov. 14 End GHIN Posting

April1Thur.(Begin GHIN Posting)
April1Thur.Individual Gross and NetAnderson9AM starting tee time
April3Sat.Individual Gross and NetGilead9AM starting tee time
April4Sun.Individual Gross and Net**Anderson12PM starting tee time
April8Thur.Individual Gross and NetGilead9AM starting tee time
April10Sat.Individual Gross and NetAnderson9AM starting tee time
April11Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead12PM starting tee time
April15Thur.Even HolesAnderson9AM starting tee time
April17Sat.Par 4s OnlyGilead9AM starting tee time
April18Sun.Best 9 HolesAnderson12PM starting tee time
April22Thur.Par 4s OnlyAnderson9AM starting tee time
April24Sat.Best 9 HolesGilead9AM starting tee time
April25Sun.Even HolesAnderson12PM starting tee time
April29Thur.Best 9 HolesGilead9AM starting tee time
May1Sat.Memorial Tournament*Anderson
May2Sun.9 Blind HolesGilead12PM starting tee time
May6Thur.Ts & FsAnderson
May8Sat.Even HolesGilead
May9Sun.T.E.N.Anderson12PM starting tee time
May13Thur.Even HolesGilead
May15Sat.BWGA Spring Meeting w/ Afternoon Golf**Anderson
May16Sun.Eliminate Par 3s**Gilead12PM starting tee time
May20Thur.2 Gal Best BallAnderson
May22Sat.Spring Tournament 1st ROUND*Gilead
May23Sun.Par 4s Only**Anderson12PM starting tee time
May27Thur.Eliminate Par 3sGilead
May29Sat.Spring Tournament 2nd ROUND*GileadRain Date - Spring Tourn. R1
May30Sun.Individual Gross and NetAnderson12PM starting tee time
May31Mon. (HOL)Best 15 HolesAnderson
June3Thur.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
June6Sun.Best 9 HolesAndersonRain Date - Memorial
June10Thur.Net Championship 1st Round*Gilead
June12Sat.Summer Shootout Tournament 1st Round*Gilead
June13Sun.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
June17Thur.Net Championship 2nd Round*AndersonRain Date - Net Championship R1
June19Sat.Summer Shootout Tournament 2nd Round*AndersonRain Date- SS R1
June20Sun.Pick A Pro (Mens' U.S Open)Gilead
June24Thur.Individual Gross and NetGileadRain Date - Net Championship R2
June26Sat.Eliminate Par 3sGilead
June27Sun.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
July1Thur.Eliminate Par 5sAnderson
July3Sat.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
July4Sun.Best 15 HolesGilead
July5Mon. (HOL)Eliminate Par 5sGilead
July8Thur.Firecracker Special*Gilead
July10Sat.2 Gal CombinedGilead
July11Sun.Ts & FsAnderson
July15Thur.Odd HolesAndersonRain Date - Firecracker Special
July17Sat.Club Championship 1st Round*Gilead
July18Sun.Club Championship 2nd Round*AndersonRain Date - Club Championship
July22Thur.Best 15 HolesGilead
July24Sat.Eliminate Par 5sAndersonRain Date - Club Championship
July25Sun.Individual Gross and NetGileadRain Date - Club Championship
July29Thur.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
July31Sat.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Aug.1Sun.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
Aug.5Thur.Easiest 15 HolesAnderson
Aug.7Sat.2-Gal Best BallAnderson
Aug.8Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Aug.13Fri.Bea Anderson* (9 Holes) 5:00 PM startAnderson5PM Start
Aug.14Sat.Bea Anderson (18 Holes)**Gilead
Aug.15Sun.Bea Anderson (18 Holes)Anderson
Aug.19Thur.3 Blind MiceAnderson
Aug.21Sat.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
Aug.22Sun.Member/Guest TournamentAnderson9:30 AM
Aug.26Thur.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Aug.28Sat.Eliminate Par 5sAnderson
Aug.29Sun.Pro’s Cup*Gilead
Sept.2Thur.Odd HolesGilead
Sept.4Sat.Eliminate Par 3s**Anderson
Sept.5Sun.Even HolesGileadPro's Cup - Rain Date
Sept.6Mon. (HOL)Individual Gross and NetAnderson
Sept.9Thur.2 Gal CombinedAnderson
Sept.11Sat.Trifecta (6-6-6) 2-Person TeamsAnderson
Sept.12Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Sept.16Thur.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Sept.18Sat.Par 4s OnlyAnderson
Sept.19Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Sept.23Thur.Best 15 HolesAnderson
Sept.25Sat.Fall Tournament Round 1***Gilead
Sept.26Sun.Odd HolesGilead
Sept.30Thur.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Oct.2Sat.Fall Tournament Round 2*GileadRain Date - Fall Tournament R1
Oct.3Sun.Best 15 HolesAndersonRain Date - Fall Tournament Rd 2
Oct.7Thur.Eliminate Par 3sAnderson
Oct.9Sat.4 Clubs OnlyAnderson
Oct.10Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Oct.11Mon. (HOL)Individual Gross and NetGilead
Oct.14Thur.Par 4s OnlyAnderson
Oct.16Sat.BWGA Fall BanquetGilead9:15 AM Golf Optional 11:30-ish
Oct.17Sun.Eliminate Par 3sAnderson
Oct.21Thur.Odd HolesGilead
Oct.23Sat.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
Oct.24Sun.Individual Gross and NetGilead
Oct.28Thur.Individual Gross and NetAnderson
Oct.30Sat.Individual Gross and Net**Gilead
Oct.31Sun.Individual Gross and Net**Anderson
Nov.6Sat.Greenskeeper's RevengeAnderson9AM Start
Nov.7Sun.Greenskeeper's RevengeAnderson9 AM Start
Nov.14Sun.Turkeys For GolfAnderson